10 thoughts on “Hello friends!”

  1. Thank you for your activation of EX0…Your Teams efforts are very much appreciated! Any band or mode that I am able to log with you will be an ATNO for me so I hope to get you in the log soon! All my Best to Each of you and your families!!

  2. You will be an ATNO for me. I want to work you on CW. I don’t have any interest in FT8, FT4 or any other digital mode. I’ll keep listening.

  3. T U for qso 1. of September 2019 at 1710 UTC, ur qrg 10111.0 kc/s. UFB operator, good sigs. U are my first EX on 30 metres, years ago I worked EX on 80 metres. I look forward to have ur LOTW/QSL card by OQRS. GL and best DX.

  4. Powiadomiłem kogo trzeba ze zmianą znaku z EX6QP na EX0QP
    Powodzenia i pozdrawiam całą ekipę
    73 SP6DVP

  5. Good luck from EX0PL 2018 team!. You have a much better location then we had last year so You will get much more contacts for sure:)
    Vy 73’s de Darek SP9ETE

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